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About the Practice


As you might guess from the name, Audiology Outside the Box focuses on services provided outside of a hearing test booth: virtual audiologic (re)habilitation, counseling, and education. This practice is about a different mindset: a new way of thinking about audiology. It’s about providing you/your child, and your family with personalized care that is difficult to find in other places.

Hearing tests and hearing device programming are important audiology services, but audiologists have the skills and abilities to provide so much more. Traditional audiology appointments often feel rushed, leaving little time to discuss the most important part: how to support your or your child’s unique communication needs.

At Audiology Outside the Box, your thoughts, feelings, and needs matter. When you work with me, I am your teammate but you are the most important member of your care team. I will listen actively and work with you toward meeting your goals for communication, hearing, and other related concerns. You decide how to communicate and what you use hearing devices for (if at all). I will communicate with you in English, American Sign Language, or both depending on your preferences. If I do not communicate in your language or modality I will arrange for an interpreter or transliterator at no cost to you. No matter who you are or how you communicate, you will be treated with kindness and respect.

Ready to step outside the box? Contact me here to request an appointment or here for general inquiries.