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Upcoming Events

Dr. Sparks also offers customized presentations for parent, community, or professional groups. Click below to contact her for a price quote.


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More About Workshops & Webinars

Audiology Outside the Box offers workshops and webinars for:

  • Deaf and hard of hearing children and adults
  • Families of deaf and hard of hearing children and adults
  • Audiologists and other professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing populations
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about communication, hearing, and related topics!
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These are available for individuals and groups anywhere in the world. Workshops and presentations for in-person events can also be arranged. Audiology Outside the Box educational presentations offer expertise in communication, hearing, balance, tinnitus, and other audiology-related topics.

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Example Topics

  • A Crash Course on Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants
  • Creative Communication Strategies for Your Family
  • Balance and Your Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child
  • Audiology 101 for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumers
  • Coping with Tinnitus
  • Getting the Most out of Your Audiology Appointment
  • Deaf Culture and Audiology Services
  • Sign Language and Hearing Technologies for Children

Interested in a workshop or webinar for a group? Audiology Outside the Box offers group discounts.