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What kinds of audiology services can be provided online? Lots!


Currently, Audiology Outside the Box offers the following educational, counseling, and (re)habilitative services:

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  • Family education and audiologic counseling for deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) children, teens, adults, and their loved ones
  • Audiologic counseling for hearing, tinnitus, and balance concerns
  • Consultation on communication opportunities and accommodations for DHH children, teens, and adults
  • Education on social-emotional and cultural aspects of being DHH, including American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture as related to hearing technology
  • Education about communication strategies for difficult listening situations (e.g. large meetings, restaurants, houses of worship)
  • Assistance with understanding audiograms and hearing-related diagnoses
  • Consultation on hearing/assistive listening device options
  • Counseling and auditory (re)habilitation after hearing device fitting
  • Hearing device troubleshooting
  • Speechreading and listening skills training
  • Tinnitus (“ringing in the ears”) management
  • Education about hearing protection
  • Group education, counseling, and auditory (re)habilitation
  • Consultation and education on other audiology-related topics

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